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Free 2 day pass subject to Terms and Conditions. Healthlands reserve the right to withold this offer at any time

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Most members wear a baggy t-shirt, leggings and trainers. N.B When using the sauna and steam room please wear a swimming costume

No, our oldest member yet was 87 years old when she started, you are never too old to start! We cater for members aged 14+. What ever your fitness level we can design a programme specifically for you.

It only takes 30 minutes, three times a week!

No, this is a common misconception that you have to be slim to join a health club. Over 80% of new members have never exercised in years!

Our aim is to provide good value for money. Our annual membership is the most popular and also the best value for money, we do charge a small one off joining fee and this includes your first one to one personal introduction session & remember your membership includes regular fitness reviews. We do offer junior memberships at a reduced cost. Please contact your local branch for information our latest membership offers and joining fees.

Our membership includes unlimited use of all facilities including studio classes, fully equipped gym. Every new member will get a personal programme designed in a one to one training session. We offer ongoing weigh & measure and re-motivation sessions whenever you need them as part of your membership. You can use any Healthlands club when you join.

No problem, because our clubs are not huge with thousands of members, our friendly staff will recognise you and will introduce you to other members. Remember, Healthlands is for people like you. We are a members club and most of our members are new to exercise when they join. You will always see a friendly face.

By following our easy to use programs we can actually guarantee results by giving you the support and encouragement you need

Once you join us we encourage you to book in for a review after 1 month to ensure you are enjoying your membership. You can see a fitness instructor for a programme review at any time at no extra cost on your membership.

We do not offer pay as you go as it works out very expensive and there is no motivation to keep up a regular exercise routine. Our aim is to encourage long term results. We do offer no contract memberships where you just need to give 1 month notice to cancel.

No, a recent independent survey on Health Clubs told us that 80% of members joined a health club because it had a pool. However only 25% made use of the facility once they had joined.

Simply ring the club nearest you and book a no obligation free trial at your convenience. Our instructors will find your needs and show you how easy it is to reach your goals, whether it be weight loss, tone up or get fit. Your free trial only takes 30 minutes. Don't put it off any longer, hope to see you soon.

Contact your local club to find out about our latest offers. We offer shorter term memberships and also student/ junior discounts. We believe our membership offers great value for money and are confident that we do not need to compromise on our price.