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Body Pump

This fantastic class will leave you mentally and physically challenged. Its gives you the chance to have a whole body workout and use muscles you never thought you had. If you want to get the body you desire and burn loads of calories whilst doing it then this is the class for you.

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Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. With regular classes and instructors, anyone can Join the Party!

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Get fighting fit with this choreographed combat style work out.

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A relaxing form of exercise, which promotes flexibility and strength whilst keeping the mind, focused enabling you to reach new levels of physical vitality and mental clarity.

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An exhilerating cycle work out. A great for burning lots of calories. Beginners is at an easier level.

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Pilates/Pure Stretch

The original authentic mat work exercise. It offers a whole body workout that challenges your body like no other exercise. The key to a flat stomach and excellent for the lower back weaknesses.

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Body Blast

A high energy class combines cardio & toning to give you a fully body workout.

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Legs Bums and Tums

Tone the Hips, waist and everything below.