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Terms & Conditions

These terms form part of your membership agreement with Healthlands. Your membership agreement with us is made when your membership application is completed by you and signed by us and consists of that form and these terms. These documents form a legal agreement between Healthlands and you.   
Customer Contract Definitions: The Service Provider We or Healthlands Clubs Ltd = "We" “Us”; The Customer = "You";  
Terms of your Contract

1. Period of Commitment

You are agreeing to subscribe monthly or annually for the services provided by Healthlands and contracting to remain a subscriber for the minimum period as outlined on your enrolment form.  
All memberships shall pay an initial admin fee, the sum specified in your membership agreement, which shall become payable immediately upon us signing the membership application form. During your membership, you must pay your membership fees whether you use the facilities and services or not. You must pay part of the membership payment for the month you join on the day you join, this is called the ‘pro rata payment’ and is worked out by subtracting the number of days left in the month (including the day on which you join) by the total number of days in the month, then multiplying this figure by the monthly subscription payment.  
We take your monthly membership payments by direct debit on the date set out in the membership application form, you will pay in advance for the following month.  
Each month, our deadline for setting up new direct debits with the bank is the 24th day of the month. If you join after the 25th day of the month you will be required to pay the following month fees in advance including the initial induction fee. We reserve the right to increase membership fees at any time, subject to us giving you ten working days’ notice. If you are unhappy with the changed, you may cancel your membership in accordance with section 4 of these terms. Annual memberships run for one calendar year from the date commenced.  PLEASE NOTE THAT MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN FULL OR IN PART IF YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP IS CANCELLED EXCEPT DUE TO A MATERIAL CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 4 OF THESE TERMS. 

2. Membership categories

You must be at least 14 years of age to be a member. Members who are aged 14 - 15 will need a parent or guardian to sign the membership application form and health commitment form. Once the member is 16yrs we will upgrade the membership to a full adult membership. You will be notified 14 days in advance.  

3. If your payments fail  

Actions we will take  if you fail to make your agreed   monthly or pre-paid annual membership payment for any reason, which may include one or more of the reasons set out below (please note this is not an exhaustive list): 
-you have provided incorrect bank details  
- you have insufficient funds in your bank account 
- you have cancelled your direct debit without giving the required notice as set out in section 4 of these terms. You will not be permitted to book sessions or enter the club whilst your account is in arrears. This ruling may be overturned at the discretion of the management. 
If you miss one payment you will be deemed to have breached your contract. 
If you have missed a direct debit payment, we will ask you to make the payment by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Your  signature on the enrollment form shall constitute my unconditional and irrevocable authority for We to debit my nominated card any overdue payments as they occur, details of which are set out in the service contract for the total amount due without notice to me. 
We may cancel your membership immediately for non-payment of fees. We have the right to start procedures to collect any outstanding monthly direct debit payments at any time. 

4. Termination or suspension of Service

Giving the notice to cancel. All cancellations should be made by completion of the online form .  
We will continue to collect your monthly subscription after the minimum contract period has passed. If you wish to cancel the contract at any time after the minimum contract period, you must give 30 days’ notice. Any payment amounts due within this 30 -day period will be paid in full.   
If you wish to terminate your membership, please give us 30 days’ notice. Contracts can only be terminated when 30 days’ notice has been provided after the minimum period has passed. The 30 days’ notice period begins on the receipt of the cancellation request. Unless agreed in writing, membership will not be cancelled. It is your responsibility to make sure your online notice has been received by Healthlands. 
If you lose your employment and are unable to keep up the payments as a result. You must produce documentary evidence and initially we shall be prepared to suspend payments for three months and review with you your financial situation thereafter. 
Pre-paid memberships are non-refundable but may be transferred at our discretion. 
You accept that if you fail to make payments to us, under the terms of my membership agreement on the due date, 
Collecting your monthly payments: 
We will collect your monthly payments by direct debit. Your payments will be paid in advance. Payments made in cash must be received before the payment is due, failure to pay in advance will result in cancellation of your membership. Your membership will be renewed at the discretion of Healthlands. Your membership will be renewed at the current membership price.  
During the minimum period of the contract you may cancel the contract only: 
If we fail to maintain the standard of service, that you would reasonably expect. 
If you move away from the area by a distance which we consider, at our sole discretion, to be too far to travel to the services for regular use. We shall require evidence that such a move has taken place. 
We will consider a request to suspend your membership for the following if you are pregnant or suffering from an illness or injury that means you may be temporarily unable to use the facility. You are required to submit appropriate evidence in support of your request.  
Requests to suspend must be made directly to Healthlands. 
Memberships can be suspended for a maximum of 3 months in any 12- month period. A £5 per month fee applies to active Direct Debit memberships collected monthly. The minimum term will be extended to account for the suspended period.  Prepaid memberships are chargeable £5 per month in advance of the suspended period. The minimum term will be extended to account for the suspended period.  Extensions on the suspended period more than 3 months will be at the discretion of the management. Annual pre-paid memberships cannot be suspended within 3 weeks of the renewal date.

Junior member will be permitted to use classes at the managements discretion. 

Junior memberships will be automatically upgraded to full adult membership at the time of the members 16th birthday. Payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Expulsion of membership or termination of membership by us 
We may expel you and/or end your membership without notice if, at any time:  
- you break the conditions of your membership agreement  
- you do not comply with the rules and regulations of Heathlands   
- your conduct is such that in our opinion, it may be detrimental to the character, name or interest of Healthlands, or is such that it makes you unfit to associate with other members of the gym 
- any part of your monthly membership payment which is due and payable remains unpaid thirty days after the due date for payment.  
If we terminate your membership, we will not refund the admin fee or payments received. We may end your membership for any reason by giving you one full calendar month’s written notice to cancel it. In these circumstances, you will not have to pay any monthly membership payments for the period after your membership ends. 

5. Limitation of liability  

By law we do not have to pay you compensation for any service, facility or equipment not being available because of a health and safety risk or where it is for the benefit of your membership. 
We will not pay you compensation if we: 
- have failed to carry out our duties where you are at fault. 
- someone else not connected with providing our services under these terms; or events which we could not have no prior knowledge, even if we had taken all reasonable care.  
You bring all personal belongings to the gym at your own risk. We accept no liability for loss or damage to property of members which is not caused by our employees. 
 Nothing in these terms and conditions will exclude or limit our liability for fraud or death or personal injury caused by our negligence. If we are found to have any liability to you for loss or damage to property our liability to compensate you is limited to a reasonable amount, taking account of factors such as whether the damage was due to something we did or failed to do. 

6. Booking and cancelling a fitness class or gym session 

We operate a system which allows you to book a place on our classes up to six days in advance. Bookings can only be made by the person who wishes to attend the class, as only one place can be allocated at a time. Please note you cannot reserve back to back bookings of the same discipline in advance. Junior members are not permitted into some classes. Junior members must enrol with a full membership to attend classes. Junior members will be limited in the times they can attend gym sessions 
Classes must be cancelled using the member login in page ort member app. If you do not cancel your class and fail to attend, you will accrue a default on your record. 
If you cancel within the 30 minutes notice period, you will accrue a “default” on your record. Three defaults” on your account in a 2-week period will result in you losing your advance booking rights. You will be placed on a “suspension list” for 2 weeks and will only be able to attend a class during this period if there are spaces available on the day. 
Please try to allow yourself plenty of time to check in so that classes can start on time. Members arriving with less than 5 mins before start times will lose the place to a reserve list member. Late arrivals will be permitted into a class at the discretion of the instructor.   
Members not signing in will accrue a “default” on your record. The recording of your visit is your responsibility.

7. Physical health  

It is your responsibility ensure sure that you have the capability of doing the exercises provided by any programme you follow or any class you attend. You should consult your doctor before you begin any programme or class if you are not sure of the suitability. If you have any concerns about your physical condition, you must seek medical advice before using our facilities. Before using our facilities, you must first complete a Health Commitment Statement. You must complete a health and safety induction in person or online. It is your responsibility to update the health form in the event of any changes. Healthlands will not be held responsible if you fail to make us aware of changes in your health /fitness that effect your ability to exercise.   We may refuse you access to our facilities if we consider the use of such facilities could put your health at risk.  

8. Events beyond reasonable control  

If we are not able to provide all the services and facilities at any Healthlands club for 60 days in a row or longer for ‘reasons or events outside of our reasonable control’ either you or us will be entitled to cancel your membership immediately after giving notice in writing. By law we do not have to pay you compensation in these circumstances and during this period. Reasons or events outside of our reasonable control could include, but are not limited to, natural disasters- a force majeure.  Enforced government’s actions, war or national emergency; acts of terrorism, protest, riot, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not they relate to our workforce. 

9. Coronavirus (Covid – 19) and track and trace 

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our staff and members. The focus will always remain on maximising members safety and service level, adhering 
stringently to social distancing and reducing the risk of Healthlands Fitness environment for members and staff. We will monitor our strategy effectiveness daily.  
You must comply with social distancing guidelines. If you demonstrate symptoms of Covid – 19 you will be instructed to inform the gym and return/remain home. Those who share a house with a symptomatic individual or are instructed they must do so by the test and trace will be required to self – isolate for 14 days. The isolation guidance applied to all members will ALWAYS be in line with the UK Government.  
Track and trace will be used to report a suspected or confirmed case of Covid – 19 for participation in the local contact tracking and tracing programs. We ask you to update any changes to your contact details as soon as any changes are made. 

10. Change to terms

We may change these Terms & Conditions at any time. When we do make changes that affect you, we will give you reasonable notice of the change that we plan to make. If you are not happy with the changes, you may cancel your membership according to the terms in Section 4. 

11. Data Protection Statement 

We always uses information submitted by you (‘Information’) in accordance with all relevant data protection 
legislation. By signing this contract, you confirm your acceptance of the terms of the Data Protection Statement. We will use information as follows: 
To supply services as requested by you including the transfer of information to employees, agents and third parties as required for this purpose. 
For administration purposes 
To market our services to you. 
We may also disclose details of your account to a debt collecting agency for collection and tracing purposes. 
We may transfer its business assets (which include information) on sale or merger of its business. 
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) gives you certain rights, including the right to request a copy of your information 
and to have inaccurate information corrected. 
You have the right to request that your personal information held by us is removed. 
We must comply with your request as in accordance with the GDPR rules. 

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