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Our Classes

There’s a class for everyone, whatever your level of fitness or goals.It’s as easy as ABC

Aerobic & Stamina

Aerobic & Stamina

What is Aerobic & Stamina?

Whether you call it aerobic or cardio or stamina exercise, you’re probably talking about the same thing: getting your heart pumping and oxygenated blood flowing, with the goal of improving your fitness. But cardio and High intensity interval classes benefit more than just your heart. Push yourself further and longer, be ready for more

Body Conditioning & Strength

Body Conditioning

What is Body Conditioning & Strength?

Body Conditioning is a whole body workout that can improve your overall fitness. Body Conditioning classes can help you on your way to get in great shape and feel great about your body. Body conditioning classes involve a high energy, high impact workout and work harder with a combination of aerobics and toning with weights. Feel fitter, more and ready to take on the world.

Core & Stability

Core & Stability

What is Core & Stability?

Core & Stability classes give you a great workout to increase overall balance and posture, and give you flexibility in your everyday life. A Core Stability class literally gives you inner strength. These workouts concentrate on abdominal muscles, the back and your mid section to build muscle strength. There is more to the core than just having a nice six pack or toned abs.

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